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Company Profile

M&M Security Services came into being with a desire to contribute in a big way in the fight against ever growing crime in South Africa .The input of this company complements the role played by other security agents. Realizing the extent and sophistication of crime in South Africa the founders of this entity saw it wise to come up with more innovative and equally advanced measures to curb crime.
We therefore have no doubt that the existence of M&M Security Services will go a long way in leaving no stone unturned in the fight against crime in South Africa and SADAC region.
The company profile below unveils in a nutshell the vision and stature of M&M Security Services. The document discloses among other things, the composition of the company, references and contact details. Illustrations are used here and there to emphasize important information.

Working with M & M Security has certainly been a pleasure. Outstanding service! – Yushaa Wally CTM


To be counted in the fight against crime in South Africa, and the SADAC region.
The company together with other security agents seeks to make
South Africa and the SADAC region a much safer place to live in, work in, do business in and to visit.
By being proactive and offering cost effective services the company seeks to become number one choice in providing security in South Africa

Professional and dedicated team – Ebrahim Jalal Department of Justice

Company Background

M&M Security Services has been in existence since 2004. Its inception was preceded by protracted research, planning and strategizing. Information with regards to the prevalence and nature of crime, existing security agents and their effectiveness was collected and analyzed. A scientific approach was used to come up with informed decisions on what form the company will take. Clear measures were put in place and necessary documentation was obtained.

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